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Taking a 2 weeks break from the internship. California is waiting. In the up coming days our university will be visiting several design related companies. Stay tuned for photos.

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As I promised, some relicts from the Audi semester. It didn't quiet fit to the actual topic (;-)), but I'm still fond of the idea of a squared car.

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A Resume


DER STANDARD: Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Design in China und hier?

Esslinger: Ein chinesischer Staatssekretär sagte mir, "China ist in Sachen Design ein Entwicklungsland. Österreich auch. Aber die Österreicher wissen es nicht."

DER STANDARD: What is the difference between design in china and design in austria?

Esslinger: A chinese state secretary told me that in terms of design china is still a developing country. But austria is one too, the difference is that austrians don't know it."

Ready to Race

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Good Bye Hartmut!

After 4 great semester we had to say good bye to Hartmut Esslinger. He was a great mentor over the past 2 years. Thx Hartmut! See you soon in California ;-)

For my next semester I am going to relocate from Vienna to Zell am See for an Internship, starting in August. My excitement is growing each day! More on that later.

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Project Status: DONE

Long time no post. Our semester project with Audi is over, for the time being I can only show what didn't develop beyond the ideation phase - piece by piece ;-)

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il Tiro invading the WorldWideWeb

Thanks to who have initially published our Project, since then its moving across the web. We got a great amount of Feedback from various different sources, which we are really enjoying to read
and many more...

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3rd Term: Make Espresso not War

Fighting Capsul Espresso ;-)
Teammates: Christina Carli, Florian Kainz and Niko Schwarz

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Its done

more to come soon

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